Best Yamaha Street Motorcycles

Best Yamaha Street Motorcycles

Yamaha has been making motorcycles since 1954; just one year later it became an independent company – Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. Today it is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles and sells thousands of them every year in the US alone.

Like many motorcycle manufacturers Yamaha offers a wide range of motorcycles including street motorcycles. A street motorcycle is any bike specifically designed for road use only; they generally have smooth tires and fairly upright riding positions.

Street motorcycles are often referred to as naked bikes to distinguish them from the sports bikes and tourers which are also road only bikes. Even the classic, Harley style cruiser can be considered a street bike as it is designed solely for road use!

This can make it difficult to choose the best Yamaha street motorcycles:

Yamaha SCR 950

This is a retro styled street bike which is affordable at just $8,700 adopts the old school principles perfectly whilst amalgamating them with modern electronics and engines. It has a 924cc engine and offers an impressive 51 mpg.

Yamaha FZ-07

This is considered to be a hyper-naked street bike and cuts a dashing image. It has a 689cc engine and can be yours for just $7,199 in a variety of colors.

The bike has received a stack of positive reviews; offering an exhilarating ride on a sports style bike without the full racing faring. This gives it a sport, nimble feel.

Yamaha VMAX Cruiser

The VMAX has been in production for several years and has grown to be recognized as a very capable and stylish street bike. The riding position is halfway between upright and sports; making it comfortable for long distances.

Perhaps the most striking feature is the distinctive dual ports on each side, by the tank. They give the bike a beefy, powerful look. It is actually fairly short and surprisingly maneuverable for a cruiser style street bike.

The fact that it has a 1679cc engine will certainly help it to appeal to riders of all categories!

Yamaha YZF – R6

This is the smaller version of Yamaha’s ultimate sports bike; the R1. It has a 599cc engine and can be used to good effect on track days. However, it is fully street legal; it looks and sounds stunning as you ride it down the street.

Available in a choice of colors, this machine will set you back $12,199. In general it appeals to younger riders who enjoy the thrill of the speed as much as the freedom of two wheels. However, it is a very capable street bike; whether being used for the daily commute or the weekend ride.

Choosing the best Yamaha Street Motorcycle

Deciding which one is the best choice for you to buy will depend upon your budget and the style of bike you prefer to ride. Street motorcycles encompass many of the bikes produced by Yamaha. There is guaranteed to be one which will stand out.

Before buying it is important to consider the level of experience you have, your preferred riding position and which bike appeals to you the most. One of the above bikes will be your best Yamaha street bike and put a smile on your face!