the best online games with motorcycles

Full throttle on two wheels – the best online games with motorcycles

If it was not so forbidden, there could be much more gas on the road. However, it is often advisable to keep the hand on the throttle cable loosely, and to enjoy the speed on closed tracks or online. The latter is even inexpensive and safe, which is two decisive advantages. In addition, you can compete with players from all over the world and prove their skills. Some simulators are so good that they can help to increase the driving style in real life. So go to the gamepad and into the fantastic world of burnt rubber and hot bullets.

The Crew Wild Run

Meanwhile also around motorcycles expanded, this title is pure adrenaline. Through an open world it is in a hurry, which is only so full in scope. There are story missions, dexterity test and gathering which means that no one has completely completed the game. The goal, however, is to make the online world insecure anyway with his friends.

Ride 2

A whole game only for the world of motorcycles! In this one you can let off steam and choose different machines, besides varnishing and special parts. Online and offline are some game modes to choose from and boredom will not occur.

Trials Fusion

A little reminiscent of Trackmania Sunrise, this game offers concentrated power on two wheels. The powerful editor ensures that players can design their own tracks. Also sometimes without gravity. Pure fun is guaranteed.

Burnout Paradise

Is truly a paradise. Here, motorcyclists can as well throw on the slopes as drivers of cars or even monster trucks. Action pure, even if with a little less realism is guaranteed and will ensure a lot of fun and the one or other harmless laughter.


A legendary series for all fans of two-wheel machines. True realism and adrenaline in surplus promises joy at every single game hour these titles. You can choose from all sorts of different bikes and then go on realistic racetracks.

Moto Racer

The concentrated pack Dirt Bike experience. Thanks to VR support for the Playstation, they will even make travel even more realistic and adventurous. Main room the living room remains clean and does not drift after the mud as the machines themselves.

Road Redemption

A motorcycle game where the opponents can even fight with axes and pistols? Well, if that does not sound like fun. The game is brand new and just waiting to be discovered.

Valentino Rossi The Game

Well known to every biker, a whole game has been named after the World Champion. Realistically and rapidly it is a matter of fact, so it is only to wait, who is the best Rossi.

Road Rage

Another action shoot, which is about bringing your opponents with numerous weapons to the track. As with Road Redemption, one can partially open up abstruse objects and it is less about realism, but rather about hard-hitting action. Have fun in any case.

Fuel How about a real rally? For cars there is this genre in numerous forms, but also the joy of motorcycles can be enjoyed. So get on and get some gas!