Harley Davidson Road King: Review “5 Senses” by HDMotori

Do we come back from mom Harley? This seems to be the case, as many models are not yet in the hands of the Common Rider, who, like every good biker, dreams of being on a motorcycle even when he is at the wheel of his utility. In short, there are bikes that are made to directly transmit a dream. Do you know a historically stronger brand in Harley-Davidson’s brand? And do you know a better model to enjoy the Italian walks with a waving bandana attached to the back, dreaming about America?


From a distance between coloring and pattern (that with the plexiglass windshield), the American policemen remind us of course: there are no flashes, we realize it, but the dealer has taken it away! Seriously apart from the Road King it shows itself in all its splendor, enhanced by the white color that contrasts with the saddle black and side bags. We are able to see it for a few moments because we are dazzled by the sun, reflecting on the chromes: everywhere you turn you can see your reflected and distorted image on mirrored parts, from car to engine, from mufflers to arms holding arrows and instrumentation. Impressive. The muzzle of the muzzle is unique: the central headlight, huge, is flanked by two smaller auxiliary projectors that have made this model famous and enlighten the whole street at night.

The details are manically cared for, as always HD has used us: screws, side bags, rear lights, rims, tires, all authentic and precious details that unite raise the level of this bike making it the diamond’s point of all the cruiser ever built. The speedometer is in an unusual position on the tank: it will take some trips before finding this solution that is aesthetically eternal. Look at the petrol stopper that, even on this model, does not have a safety key.

Even on mirrors, the house did a great job, combining design (chromed … would you ever say it?) To functionality: as far as looking behind it is always given, the field of view that we provide is more than adequate.


tactilePlastic, this stranger. We challenge you to find more than three plastic parts, except the handlebar controls. Also the arrows or mudguards are made of metal, heavy and present, yet another distinctive sign of this Road King. Do weigh the weight? Sure. We are at 350 kg. But the weight here must be seen as a boon, not as a problem that impacts.

The saddle is soft, even for the passenger, well padded: it attracts all the roughness of the road that the shock absorbers may pass. Big knobs are right, with very grip. The anti-vibration pads work extensively and allow you to rest while you are on the move: resting the entire foot of the foot in sixth gear, and feeling like a light massage … a luxury almost from spa.

Convenient control of the onboard computer, with a left-handed keypad, well-suited. In the march the weight disappears and becomes stable and safe: the bike looks sticky to the asphalt and nothing seems to be able to move it. Even during the toughest brakes it does not break apart, and when the ABS intervenes, it does it in the best possible way, thanks to the split braking.


hearing pure purple, mocked at the rule of art. Although the vibrations are contained (we are always talking about a Harley, remember it) thanks to innovations specially studied, the borbottio is all to enjoy. Stop at traffic lights, even with original discharges, people turn around and you do not even have to hit a gas. The noise produced by this Harley-Davidson Road King does not come all out of the exhausts: the air intake (placed on the right side of the motorcycle, near the knee), at every gas opening, fills our ears with a deaf noise and drowned, almost a roar, which increases as the laps rise. Impressive.

No clangor outside the engine: the bike does not have parts that tinkle or annoy, both in the gear and in the sticks. It almost seems like Harley’s home made a spell: it’s impossible to see that 1.7-liter engine of vibration and not even feel a screw or a dumbbell carter…

Clacson: Do not push me in town to say goodbye to your dear friend Mario as you go to the center! Beyond that Mario will hear you arrive many minutes before, you will risk scaring the children, barking dogs, and starting some anti-theft. We strongly believe that the Road King mounts a naval horn. Useful for those who cut the road suddenly, or who do not respect a precedent … in short, are you or are not on the King of the Road?



Smell so much money? Yes, abundantly overcoming the $ 20,000 Harley-Davidson Road King automatically becomes a bicycle for a few. Few elected would dare say. Every euro spent on this model seems to have paid off, we are sure of this. But how to get such amount of money? Our advice is to try casino online, for example mobile slot games. This moto is worth every your minute trying to win! In short, once again we have to comment that Harley Davidson is a home that produces two wheels for passion and looks the same emotion in the final customer: you do not buy a Road King because it is just beautiful or because you want to travel. You buy the King Road because it’s the dream of a lifetime.

Of course, maybe it’s wasted to keep it in the box, but in the living room one might think. Its Habitat however are the longest and possibly stunning landscapes: trotting with the suspended engine between 1,200 and 1,300 laps in sixth gear and cruise control is an experience that would change any biker you call it.


gustoThe Re hits: no review is more relevant than our “5 Sensi”. This is a motorcycle to live, breathe, feel and touch in a hurry, enjoying every glimpse of landscape that takes us past and every single chrome. It’s not for everyone, that’s true, but everyone should try it out sooner or later to experience new emotions that go beyond the cross, motard, road or enduro experiences.

The name was more successful: if the bike is a symbol of freedom, the Harley Davidson Road King is able to combine style with the substance and transform the finished product into a unique overtones. Take an adjective, add – very much and you will have the perfect synthesis of this model.