Seatbelts and throttle – The best online racing games

The online world is colorful, fast and full of adrenaline. With the best way to live out his urge for a fast ride, it is behind the virtual steering wheel. On partly adventurous, partly detailed routes, it goes then in chic whips wildly to the point. Here are our favorite games from the genre.

Need for Speed ​​World

Need for Speed ​​is one of the oldest and most popular racing games that exist. Their online spin-off is called Need for Speed ​​World and was released in 2010. Matching a giant lounge, you meet your virtual friends and rivals and take the competition to the street. With the increasing number of victories, you can always buy better cars or upgrade existing ones. The addition of “World” is not a coincidence because, besides numerous cars from all over the world, your fellow players are also mixed.

Live for Speed

​​If you’ve always wanted to be part of a real race and be as close to the action as possible, Live for Speed ​​is just the right game for you. In contrast to Need for Speed, this is about accuracy and precision. This title will make you feel as if you were on the track and live. A real experience in terms of realism and speed.

TrackMania Nations Forever

Who did not like to play with his cars and the race track as a child? Just imagine sitting in one of these cars and racing across the race track. To fly over ramps and to put different jumps with his car. This game is not about driving on almost realistic-looking tracks, but much more with lots of fun to overtake other drivers and to jog ahead of them in the finish. The other looping is also there, and one of the highlights is that you can design stretches yourself in “Baumodus”. These are posted with two clicks and you can invite your friends to drive on the same.


A real simulator! If you are looking for fast fun, do not take a look at this game. Not for nothing, car manufacturers and race teams use this game to test their cars in a virtual environment or to get to know a race track better. Thanks to the work of the developers, every car was integrated as well as it just went into the game and tuned. The result is a game which, with a decent level of practice, provides an incredibly realistic experience.

Driving Speed ​​2

Driving Speed ​​2 is still very realistic, even if something more unrealistic than racer. If you build too many accidents, make mistakes and go into something, then your car is just as fast as in real life. A bit more difficult than an online variant, but then it offers maximum playing fun in different V8 bodies and tracks. But a little should be practiced here too, in order to stay on the track as long as possible.